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Confidence A new level of high-end listening The classic passive speaker has evolved. The all-new Confidence takes Dynaudio’s most celebrated audio technologies to startling heights with new materials, techniques and technologies. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing – for a fact – that something is as good as it gets. Sit back in your chair and listen, secure in the certainty that every detail of the speakers in front of you is dedicated to revealing every detail of the music they’re playing. Close your eyes and be delighted. Confidence means pure performance. It’s the best speaker range Dynaudio has ever produced, and it’s packed with science specifically developed to honour art. Brand-new drivers – including the mighty new Esotar3 tweeter – combine with a precision composite baffle, innovative cabinet design and optimised crossover to create the most advanced passive speaker in our history. (Something you can learn more about in our six-part podcast series on the new Confidence). Intensive analysis in our Jupiter measuring facility has resulted in the next-generation of Dynaudio’s DDC sound-beaming technology – including the new DDC Lens waveguide system. The Esotar3 tweeter in the DDC Lens works in tandem with the new NeoTec woofers, the radical Horizon midrange driver surround and the innovative Compex baffle to ensure music goes exactly where you want it: your ears. But you won’t focus on the tech – you’ll be lost in the music. Experience the art of listening on a Confidence system. It’s a masterclass in audio.

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