Frequently Asked Questions

A: NO! You would be surprised at how affordable good, HIGH-END equipment can be! Just because its good doesn’t mean it’s expensive, for example, you can get speakers starting at $800.

A: This answer can be a bit tricky because many manufacturers try to sell “snake oil” technologies that do little or nothing to your system for more money that needs to be spent. However, it’s highly suggested and encouraged to get good, high-quality cables that fit your overall budget that use good materials that will serve your purpose for a long time, we suggest Cardas or AudioQuest for your system!

A: YES! While we don’t actively have a room with a film screen and projector, we do actively display a room that would be more like what is in most homes, a wall-mounted TV, a nice receiver and a surround sound setup. A full-blown theater room in a showroom while yes impressive, can put people off with expensive price tags and large rooms. However, for some people, this is ideal and we have the ability, know-how, and experience to build such rooms, big or small.

A: We appreciate everyone trying to help people get a better system in their home or get one installed. However, most of these places do not have an actual retail location where you can see, hear, and learn about the product you’re going to invest in. Some also do many different things besides home theater and A/V like security and control systems. When you do a lot of things it’s hard to specialize in just one or two things and your area of expertise can be thin. The big difference is that the majority cannot offer high-end brands that will give you the ultimate performance, that will make your system sound and look the absolute best, we want you to feel like not only did you get the most for your money but you got more for your money!

A: YES! We sell the components all in house and license out the work to a company we have worked with for quite some time with only the best reputation! They will come out install with the utmost precision the gear, teach you how to use it, and clean up afterward.

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