Nashville HiFi started was formed back in 2003 in Fort Myers, Florida, under the name “Premier Acoustic Lifestyles” with the same owner as today with the idea and goal of bringing the best products to audio lovers all around.

We started with humble beginnings selling small Teac radios, DVD players, Denon receivers, basically anything to get music lovers to come in. We try to never forget where we started from and never neglect even the smallest sales and clients.

Some of the brands we started with we still have today including as Dynaudio, Simaudio, and Focal. We built up a nice customer base and people around the area began to trust us as the “go to” place for High Fidelity brands in the surrounding Fort Meyers area.

In 2007 the economy collapsed, and it hit our area especially hard. We made the difficult decision to move to Tennessee to start fresh because many of our vendors said there was a major need for HiFi due to the fact that a well-respected HiFi shop had closed and people were looking for a place to go. We moved to a quaint little town of Fairview about 45 minutes outside of Nashville and stayed there for 7 years. Then we took a leap of faith, moved to where we are today so we could offer more and superior Hi Fi equipment to audiophiles here in Nashville. We even changed the name so people could not mistake who or what we are all about.

It’s been 3 years in Nashville, and we’ve been doing this for a total of 16 years now, so we invite you to come join in our love and passion for HiFi with us!

Nashville HI-Fi
Nashville HiFi