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MOON products provide you a wellness


Music is a fascinating motion vector. We are convinced that MOON products, through music, can bring a wellness without measure to achieve musical ecstasy. Our mission is clear: make the best sound system ever made.




To convey the spirit and emotion of music through products of distinction




Respect : Honesty/Integrity

Creativity : To see beyond the usual ways of doing things

Innovation : Our products are at the cutting edge of technology. They are designed to offer you the best sound system ever made.


Passion for Music


The MOON team is, above all, a team of professionals with a passion for music. The MOON design team includes experienced audiophiles and accomplished engineers.

Passion for Technology


A team of professionals always pushing the envelope for new technologies and solutions to raise the bar for high-performance, and achieve new heights in « musical ecstasy ».

World-Class Experience


The MOON team strives to provide an ethereal experience to every customer that is exposed to MOON. Both our team and our dealers take your satisfaction to heart.